HBS carry out maintenance in all sectors . We currently arrange and carry out planned maintenance for Firstport Retirement Property Services in many of their sites all over Kent & South London .


This will include cyclical maintenance including the following...

  • Laundry room deep cleaning
  • Stop cock maintenance to around 70 apartments in each complex
  • Bathroom fan cleaning
  • Communal fan cleaning
  • Apartment and communal window maintenance
  • Storm drain & foul water checking and clearing
  • Disabled access improvements
  • Wet room upgrades for various disabilities
  • Roofing solar reflective painting
  • Guttering repairs & maintenance (sometimes 4 floors up)


This type of maintenance is pre-arranged , but we also look after sites for a variety of other

issues such as...

  • Daily callouts
  • Fixing and repairing
  • Boiler/heating breakdowns
  • Tap changes
  • Shower upgrades
  • Upgrades to stairwell lighting
  • Decorating issues
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Insurance work due to leaks or breakdowns